Catherine Chuang


Luxury Destination Wedding & Editorial Photography


This is photography for people with EXTRAORDINARY taste.

From the sunny shores of southern California to the waters of Lake Como, Catherine has been capturing images that tell a story rich in ELEGANCE, VISION, & INTENTION

Sophisticated Storytelling 

meet Catherine Chuang

There are hundreds of possibilities in a single moment. Catherine preserves the beauty in the ordinary, by creating extraordinary images with a sophisticated flair. 

Slowing down and crafting a vision for images showcasing the beauty of a space while holding to the authenticity of her client’s story, Catherine excels in capturing iconic photographs in a refined Fine Art style. Through the use of movement, partnered with stately architecture influenced by fashion and design, Catherine’s images breathe life into moments otherwise frozen in time. 

A Carefully Crafted Process from “Will You” to “I do”

Whether you are saying “I do” to your beloved or to capturing timeless editorials, Catherine has combined a commitment to education and culture with a unique storytelling approach that embraces her love for a cosmopolitan experience. Careful planning, exquisite attention to detail, and a passion for timeless imagery go into every photograph Catherine takes.

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 Catherine captures images that tell a story rich in ELEGANCE, VISION, & INTENTION

Whether your story starts on the sun kissed beaches  of Southern California, the spectacular skyline of New York City, under the twinkling lights of the Eiffel Tower, Catherine is ready to help share it through gorgeous images. 

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